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Ten random things: July 19

Ten clues from a Harry Potter "Crossword Puzzle" provided by Scholastic for bookstores to use for their Harry Potter release night events, with answers:

  1. 5D: Spell to defeat a boggart. (RIDDIKULUS)
  2. 2D: ______ and Blotts: The Wizarding bookshop. (FLOURISH)
  3. 7A: The Wizarding sport played on broomsticks. (QUIDDITCH)
  4. 16A: The street where Harry lives with the Dursleys. (PRIVETDRIVE)
  5. 13D: The Hogwarts House whose symbol is an eagle. (RAVENCLAW)
  6. 10A: The patriarch of the Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest. (ARAGOG)
  7. 11D: A potion that provides its drinker with liquid luck. (FELIXFELICIS)
  8. 9A: Dudley's last name. (DURSLEY)
  9. 18A: Binoculars with slow-motion and replay settings. (OMNIOCULARS)
  10. 6D: Cobbled street filled with Wizarding shops. (DIAGONALLEY)

It should be noted that this is not a real crossword puzzle, or at least not one that follows the standard rules of crossword puzzle construction: it has dozens of unmatched letters (in a real crossword, every letter is part of two answers, across and down), and it's not symmetrical. I believe this kind of puzzle should more properly be called a word cross. Semantics aside, though, it's a decent puzzle that requires a reasonably in-depth knowledge of the Harry Potter books.


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