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Ten random things: July 24

Ten things that, according to Nathaniel and Andrew Lande, are the best of whatever they are:

  1. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (best U.S. national park)
  2. Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in Rome)
  3. The Amalfi Coast (best historical/literary journey)
  4. James Fashion, Bangkok (best tailor)
  5. The Apple Pan, Los Angeles (best hamburger)
  6. Nile cruises in Egypt (best cruise)
  7. La Scala (best opera house)
  8. The International Polo Club, Palm Beach (best polo club)
  9. British Airways (best airline)
  10. Ben's, Montréal (best delicatessen)

Confidential to jenelope: Zingerman's didn't even make the top ten! Obviously a flaw in the methodology.


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