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Two Three grievances

Grievance the first: Last night's broadcast of Doctor Who on Maryland Public Television ran just slightly longer than they reported to Tribune Media Services, the company that provides guide data to TiVo. Or maybe they started it a little bit late. Who can say at this late date? All I know is that I was sitting here today watching "Logopolis" when suddenly the screen froze on a fuzzy image of Ian Marter, and instead of hearing Harry Sullivan saying "Doctor?" I heard the TiVo say, "ding." And I heard myself say, "augh!" Thanks to the incompetant boobery of someone at MPT, I missed seeing the best part of my favorite Doctor Who episode. I've got it on tape somewhere, but that's beside the point.

Grievance the second: We got some snow here today. A real nothingburger: a couple of inches, tops. And the Commonwealth of Virginia has, as they always do, gone out of their way to make the road conditions worse. Most of the roads here in Leesburg have already received a swipe from the plows, but they never plow all the way down to the road surface. They always leave some snow on the road, a thin layer that, because it's so densely packed, takes longer to melt. Except on the major arteries, where it immediately turns into slush.

Grievance the third: Still no updates from the Dallas clinner!

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