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Ten random things: July 30

Ten members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame who played their entire careers for one team:

  1. Ray Brown, Homestead Grays (inducted 2006)
  2. Pie Traynor, Pittsburgh Pirates (1948)
  3. Bill Dickey, New York Yankees (1954)
  4. Phil Rizzuto, New York Yankees (1994)
  5. Whitey Ford, New York Yankees (1974)
  6. Mel Ott, New York Giants (1951)
  7. Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres (2007)
  8. Ted Lyons, Chicago White Sox (1955)
  9. Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers (1980)
  10. Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (1966)

Saturday's Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a breath of fresh air for America's beleagured sportswriters, who have had to endure one of the worst weeks in sports history that didn't involve a plane crash or hostage situation. Let's see, Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick was arraigned on charges of leading a dog-fighting ring; three riders and two entire teams were ejected from the Tour de France after positive drug tests, and the leader was fired by his team in the middle of the race on suspicion of the same; an NBA referee was charged with betting on games he officiated; a minor leage baseball coach was killed by a line drive; and of course Hank Aaron's home run record is in imminent danger of being broken by alleged juicer Barry Bonds. So it must have been a huge relief to spend a couple days singing the praises of two genuinely good guys, Cal Ripken Jr. (who also could have been on this list, having spent his entire big league career with the Baltimore Orioles) and Tony Gwynn.


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