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Tan random things: August 22

Ten actors who have played Time Lords on Doctor Who:

  1. Maurice Denham (Azmael a.k.a. Professor Edgeworth, "The Twin Dilemma"
  2. Bernard Horsfall (Chancellor Goth, "The Deadly Assassin")
  3. Denis Carey (Professor Chronotis, "Shada")
  4. Kate O'Mara (The Rani, first appearance "The Mark of the Rani")
  5. Patrick Troughton (The Doctor, first appearance "The Tenth Planet")
  6. John Arnatt (Borusa, "The Invasion of Time")
  7. Stephen Thome (Omega, "The Three Doctors")
  8. Michael Gough (Chancellor Hedin, "Arc of Infinity")
  9. Edward Brayshaw (The War Chief, "The War Games")
  10. Dinah Sheridan (Chancellor Flavia, "The Five Doctors")

Coincidence alert! I was inspired to do this list by seeing that today is the birthday of screenwriter Alfred Gough. That reminded me of the actor Michael Gough, who I remembered as having played the title role in the First Doctor serial "The Celestial Toymaker." I had completely forgotten that he had also appeared in a much later episode as a Time Lord -- until I selected Chancellor Hedin at random from a list of Time Lords on Wikipedia. How about that!


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