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Hey, it's almost September, and that means it's almost time for my fourth (!) annual Reader Request Month! This is your opportunity to tell me what you want to see featured in a list of ten things, or, if I feel like it, in a poem or work of art. So here's the deal. Using the form below, or a comment if you can't fill out LiveJournal polls, tell me up to three things you want to see mentioned in a list. Individual items, not topics, are prefered, though topic requests may be used. And if the mood strikes me, I may fulfill your request with a poem or work of art. But if you definitely want a list, you can say so in the poll.

Poll #1045043 Fourth (!) annual Reader Request Month submission form

Name up to three things you'd like to see included in one of my lists of ten things

Would you be willing to have your request fulfilled as an art or poetry post?

What I'm telling you is Yes Yes Yes
No! Definitely no! Positively no! Decidedly no! Uh-uh.

One of my requests should be the first one featured because:


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