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Ten things selected not randomly but for their sheer awesomeness: August 28

Ten Kirby covers:

  1. OMAC no. 1
  2. Fantastic Four no. 49
  3. Mister Miracle no. 1
  4. Amazing Fantasy no. 15
  5. Kamandi no. 12
  6. X-Men no. 1
  7. Demon no. 3
  8. Thor no. 126
  9. Forever People no. 1
  10. Avengers no. 4
    All images from the Grand Comics Database

Legendary comics artist Jack Kirby would have been 90 today. Meeting him in the lobby of the Americana-Congress Hotel at the Chicago Comicon in the 1980s is and will probably always be the highlight of my life in comics fandom.


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