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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 4

Ten romantic restaurants in Baltimore, with commentary from the 2007 Zagat Survey:

  1. Ambassador Dining Room, 3811 Canterbury Rd. ("Best Indian in Baltimore")
  2. Corks, 1026 S. Charles St. ("outstanding" "all-American wine list")
  3. Pazo, 1425 Aliceanna St. ("feels like an old Spanish cathedral")
  4. Thai Arroy, 1019 Light St. ("fresh flavors at inexpensive prices")
  5. Hampton's, 550 Light St. ("sumptuous")
  6. Arcos, 129 S. Broadway ("live mariachi band")
  7. Helen's Garden, 2908 O'Donnell St. ("funky but tasteful décor")
  8. Charleston, 1000 Lancaster St. ("strikingly elegant")
  9. Samos, 600 S, Oldham St. ("divinely zesty" "delights")
  10. Da Mimmo, 2170 S. High St. ("romance personified")

Today's list is for persona, who wanted a list of Baltimore restaurants to which he might take his sweetie. Each of these were listed as "romantic" in the index of the 2007 Zagat Survey of Washington D.C. and Baltimore restaurants; I cannot personally vouch for their, ah, romanticity.


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