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Ten random things: September 12

Ten San Francisco clubs at which The Bruises have performed:

  1. Club Debutante @ the Knockout (April 26, 2006)
  2. The Lexington Club (June 24, 2006)
  3. Edinburgh Castle (February 17, 2006; June 9, 2006)
  4. The Parkside (May 17, 2006)
  5. Slim's (May 24, 2007)
  6. Red Devil Lounge (February 8, 2007; March 21, 2007)
  7. Hemlock Tavern (March 14, 2006; September 26, 2006; March 1, 2007)
  8. El Rio (July 18, 2006)
  9. Bottom of the Hill (January 11. 2007)
  10. 12 Galaxies (Nov. 21, 2006)

This list is for thewalnut, who wanted to see bruises in a list. I had never heard of The Bruises before I started this list, but I figured there had to be a band out there with that name. I sort of envisioned them as a 70s punk band, but whatever. These Bruises are a indie-rock duo from (surprise!) San Francisco, though they're both natives of Peoria, Ill. Their first LP is available from CD Baby, Emusic, or iTunes, if you want to check them out.


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