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Art on Sunday: Reader Request Month, day 16

Larry Fuente (born 1947)
Game Fish, 1988
Mixed media, including but not limited to wood, plastic, beads, buttons, poker chips, badminton birdies, ping pong balls, and rhinestones
Larry Fuente, Game Fish
Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art, Washington, D.C.

I'm stretching astrablue's request to see Scrabble to its limit so I can post one of my favorite works of art in all of Washington, D.C. This is Game Fish, an actual mounted marlin trophy that the artisy covered with a variety of materials, many of them toys and pieces of various games. Including, as it happens, Scrabble tiles. These detail images show the places where Scrabble titles have been used:

Larry Fuente, Game Fish (detail)
Larry Fuente, Game Fish (detail)
Larry Fuente, Game Fish (detail)

The picture I posted at the top of this post doesn't do the work justice. You can see it here at a much higher resolution, but even better is this interactive tool that lets you zoom in on the work to examine it in even greater detail. (This blog post explains how it was done, if you care.) I really encourage you to spend a few minutes playing with the zoom tool; short of seeing it in person, this is really the only way to appreciate this remarkable work of art.

Oh, and since this is a post for astrablue, I am obligated to post an original poem. This is a McWhirtle, which is similar to a double dactyl but slightly less rigorous.

While trav'ling to Nassau
With rustydogrusty and boliver
We passed the time
playing Scrabble at sea.

Now, you might be curious
who won the game we played.
I'm not too modest to say,
"It was me!"


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