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Poet's Corner: From The Book of Duchess

From The Book of Duchess:

Heart-whole, I started to beseech
That she would be my lady sweet.
I swore to her with heartfelt heat
My steadfast duty firm and true,
And love that would be always new.
To guard her honour evermore,
And serve no other, then I swore
To do my best. I promised this:
"For yours is all that ever there is,
My sweetheart. Barring dreams untrue,
I shall never be false to you,
As sure as God's intents prevail!"

And when I thus had told my tale,
God knows, my love and pain and awe
She seemed to think not worth a straw.
To tell it briefly as it is,
Her answer was most truly this:
I cannot perfectly convey
Exactly what she had to say:
The gist of it was simply "No"
And nothing more.

Geoffrey Chaucer

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