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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 34

Ten Roman sites in England:

  1. Chysauster Ancient Village, Cornwall
  2. Deva Victrix, Chester
  3. Hadrian's Wall
  4. Roman Baths, Bath
  5. Wade's Causeway, Yorkshire
  6. Verulamium, Hertfordshire
  7. Piddington Roman Villa, Northamptonshire
  8. Piercebridge Roman Bridge, Durham
  9. Jewry Wall, Leicester
  10. Calleva Atrebatum, Hampshire

Today's list is for amyjtoo, who asked to see Roman Baths. One thing I definitely need to do when or if I ever make it back to Engand is tour some of the Roman sites. And the prehistoric ones! I remember a book I used to check out from the Wheaton Public Library on a semi-regular basis, called Mysterious Britain, which was an overview of many of the Neolithic monuments in the United Kingdom, like Stonehenge, Avebury, and the Nine Travellers. Fascinating stuff.


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