John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 47

Ten things you could learn to do by reading the September/October 2007 edition of Hallmark Magazine:

  1. Make caramel apples similar to those sold by Harry & David
  2. Relieve upper-back tension like a masseuse
  3. Decorate a paint can to resemble Frankenstein's Monster, for use as a trick-or-treat pail
  4. Hang a heavy mirror
  5. Bake oatmeal cookies
  6. Prepare a meal for six people using only canned pineapple, fresh ginger, sweet chili sauce, and salmon fillets
  7. Recover from an e-mail goof, e.g. offending a friend by asking her to stop forwarding inspirational messages to you every damn day
  8. Concoct your own home-made linen spray
  9. Plan a tailgating party that's fun for the whole family
  10. Save energy while doing laundry

Today's list is for georgevna, who requested caramel apples. And if I never have to spend another afternoon paging through magazines like Hallmark and Martha Stewart Holiday and Every Day with Rachael Ray and Taste of Home Holiday Food and Fun and Cookie, that'll be just fine. Well, actually, I didn't mind looking through Cookie... pictures of Julianne Moore make anything better. Hubba hubba!


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