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Ten random things: October 29

Ten New York Times articles about armadillos:

  1. Armadillo Race More Scrabble Than Dash; Valued by Researchers Backbone and Rice (May 6, 1979)
  2. ARMADILLO BALKS LEPROSY STUDIES; Animal, a Laboratory Aid, Won't Breed in Captivity (August 29, 1976)
  3. Armadillo Has His Day At Mock Event in Texas (May 26, 1975)
  4. GIANT ARMADILLO ARRIVES FOR ZOO; First Adult of Type Ever to Be Brought Here Will Join Aard-Vark in Bronx. (June 1, 1935)
  5. SHELLS OF THE ARMADILLO MAKE A BASKET INDUSTRY; Curious Armored Animals of the Southwest Are Now Raised on Farms for Profit (January 29, 1928)
  6. Consider the Armadillo (October 10, 1975)
  7. Wood, Field and Stream: On the Hunt for Armadillo; Strange Creature Is Easy to Stalk (March 2, 1969)
  8. News of Food; Texas Cookery Is a Tasty, Spicy Mixture That Ranges Even to Barbecued Armadillo (July 6, 1953)
  9. KIPLING SHUNS ARMADILLO.; He Returns Brazilian "Pet" to Donor Rather Than Live With It. (February 19, 1927)
  10. WEATHER LIKE THIS IRKS THE ARMADILLO; First He Curls Up in Warmth, Then He Freezes Into Solid Ball and Can't Unwind. HAS TO WAIT FOR NEXT THAW That Is Why There Seem to Be More Rocks Than Usual in Yard Back of a Certain Cage in Zoo. (February 8, 1932)

Alas, none of these articles are available to read online, so unfortunately we will have to consider the armadillo without benefit of whatever the Times had to say about it.

An armadillo

A tip of the hat to mikester, whose call to contemplate Sluggo certainly influenced the above.


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