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Ten random things: October 30

Ten things you may not have known about the movie Love Actually:

  1. In the full-screen DVD version, the springboard used by Thomas Sangster to jump over the airport security guard is clearly visible in one shot
  2. The scene in which Colin accidentally insults Nancy the Caterer was recycled from an early draft of Four Weddings and a Funeral
  3. The scene in which Harry buys the bracelet for his assistant was filmed at Selfridges department store
  4. The surprise performance of "All You Need is Love" at the end of Peter and Juliet's wedding was inspired by Jim Henson's funeral
  5. The school used for the Nativity Concert at the end of the film is Elliott School, a comprehensive school in South London
  6. The woman who played Pat the Housekeeper, Jill Freud, is director/screenwriter Richard Curtis's mother-in-law
  7. Sam's grandmother was played by Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw, the Third Doctor's first Companion
  8. The exterior shot of the airport in Milwaukee was actually filmed at Sandown Park Racecourse in Surry
  9. The actor who played Sam, Thomas Sangster, did not know how to play drums when he was hired to play the part
  10. Richard Curtis was so intent on casting Martine McCutcheon as Natalie that he called the character 'Martine' in early drafts of the script

I created this list to fulfil one of ambereternal's requests during Reader Request Month, then scrapped it at the last minute in favor of posting a picture of the Jim Henson Memorial. No sense in wasting a perfectly good list though.

Here's Richard Curtis's description of what happened at Jim Henson's funeral, as related on the DVD commentary:

At the end of (the funeral)...Frank Oz was talking and he suddenly lifted up Kermit's puppet and started to sing this song called 'One Voice'. And it turned out that all the guys in the memorial service had brought their puppets with them, and they lifted them up, and when you turned around and looked backwards there were fifty puppets all singing. And Big Bird walked down the aisle of Saint Paul's Cathedral, and they all came forward and just this massive chorus of puppets all singing...It was an extraordinary thing...

Hey, I forgot to mention it on Friday, but thanks as always to everyone who contributed ideas for this year's edition of Reader Request Month. Some of them were pain in the neck to fulfill -- I'm looking at you, persona, and your freaking "Whedonverse incongruities" -- but I had fun with it, and I hope you guys enjoyed it too.


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