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Ten random things: November 8

Ten production companies against which the Writers Guild of America is striking:

  1. V & V Films, LLC
  2. Red Film Productions, LLC
  3. FurtheFilm, LLC
  4. Mustang Sally LLC
  5. Rio Films, LLC
  6. Select 7, Inc.
  7. Aura Writes, LLC
  8. Hurt Locker, LLC
  9. Naples Crossing, Inc.
  10. The Meeting Place Movie, LLC

Ever heard of any of these guys? I haven't. It's not just the big studios the writers are striking against, though it's certainly true that they're prime movers. Every production company that's a signatory to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and according to the list I pulled off the WGA website, that's more than 2000 companies. Now, some of these are shell corporations that don't really do anything other than serve as copyright holders for completed projects, like Good Night Good Luck LLC, and others are avowedly pro-WGA, like James L. Brooks's Gracie Productions. And there's one called A WGA Signatory Company Inc. that I suspect may not be fully committed to AMPTA's position.

If you're interested in following the strike, here are some of the site from which I've been getting my info:

You won't get much of the pro-AMPTA position at any of those sites, but nuts to them. Power to the people, Marty!


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