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Here's an interesting interview with Steven Schwartz and Alan Menken about the songs they composed for the upcoming Disney movie Enchanted. The interview is pretty interesting in its own right, but what makes it a must-click are the QuickTime previews of two of the songs from the movie, "That's How You Know" and "Happy Working Song." The former is particularly good; it's the kind of huge production number you almost never see in modern movies. (I'm already dreading the horrid version of it they'll perform at the Oscars next year.) If you don't have a big goofy grin on your face from about 1:30 on, then your heart is three sizes too small or something.

It's interesting: I was listening to "That's How You Know" as I wrote this, and it occurs to me that it really sounds like a Steven Schwartz song, right down to the orchestrations. (It's particularly noticeable to my ear in the brief sequence with Price Edward on the bridge, at about 2:37.) You can hardly tell Menken had anything to do with it, though there are a few little Menken-esque flourishes in there if you listen carefully.

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