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Ten random things: November 12

Ten stories by Anton Chekhov and their first lines:
  1. Oysters: "I need no great effort of memory to recall, in every detail, the rainy autumn evening when I stood with my father in one of the more frequented streets of Moscow, and felt that I was gradually being overcome by a strange illness."
  2. Mari D'Elle: "It was a free night."
  3. Strong Impressions: "It happened not so long ago in the Moscow circuit court."
  4. In the Dark: "A fly of medium size made its way into the nose of the assistant procurator, Gagin."
  5. Enemies: "Between nine and ten on a dark September evening the only son of the district doctor, Kirilov, a child of six, called Andrey, died of diphtheria."
  6. Volodya: "At five o'clock one Sunday afternoon in summer, Volodya, a plain, shy, sickly-looking lad of seventeen, was sitting in the arbour of the Shumihins' country villa, feeling dreary."
  7. The Lion and the Sun: "In one of the towns lying on this side of the Urals a rumour was afloat that a Persian magnate, called Rahat-Helam, was staying for a few days in the town and putting up at the 'Japan Hotel.'"
  8. The Duel: "It was eight o'clock in the morning -- the time when the officers, the local officials, and the visitors usually took their morning dip in the sea after the hot, stifling night, and then went into the pavilion to drink tea or coffee."
  9. Anna on the Neck: "After the wedding they had not even light refreshments; the happy pair simply drank a glass of champagne, changed into their travelling things, and drove to the station."
  10. The Bishop: "The evening service was being celebrated on the eve of Palm Sunday in the Old Petrovsky Convent."
Read these and 191 other stories by Anton Chekhov here.

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