John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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What side are you on?

Hey, Lost fans, if you're on the writers' side in this strike -- and I would assume most of you are -- then you better avoid those "mobisodes" ABC has rolled out. The writers won't see one red cent from them, which is exactly the point of the strike. So don't watch 'em.

And by the way, all you reality TV fans out there, you need to realize that if you continue to watch those shows, you're only encouraging the networks to continue refusing to negotiate with the writers. If you haven't already stopped watching The Amazing Race, you should. And if Les Moonves dangles a new season of Big Brother in front of you -- I'm looking at you, fox1013 -- you need to tell him to cram it.

Here's another fun pro-writers video. Funny!


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