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SH Law

So I watched Gilmore Girls last night, and I enjoyed it very much at the time, but thinking back on it today I realize there was something very wrong with it.

One of the running gags on Gilmore Girls is that Emily is so demanding and so inflexible that she is incapable of keeping a maid. Last night they expanded on that joke by having one of the former maids sue her for wrongful termination. Lorelei was asked to testify on her Emily's behalf at a deposition, and did so in a way that was, shall we say, not helpful to her mother's case. Funny!

But here's the problem: I can't believe any reasonably competent lawyer would ever let that case get anywhere near the deposition stage. A private employer can fire any employee at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with just a handful of exceptions. For example, you can't fire someone because that person is a woman. The fired maid was a woman, but she wasn't fired because she was a woman; she was fired because Emily thought she made too much noise walking around the house. Which is a petty reason to fire someone, but it isn't illegal.

I can sort of justify it by saying that Emily's lawyer is just as sick of putting up with Emily's crap as the fired maid and Lorelei, but wouldn't it be unethical or illegal for a lawyer to purposefully do a bad job representing a client? And if that was the case, shouldn't they have had a scene with the lawyer making it clear that he was getting back at Emily for some past slight?

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