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Salt in the wound

Washington is experiencing a cold snap the likes of which is not often seen in these here parts. Last night was particularly miserable: sixteen degrees Fahrenheit (eight below zero Celsius) with a wind chill factor of three degrees (16 below). A good night to stay in!

I facilitated my staying in by stopping at the mall on the way home and buying About A Boy on DVD. As usual, I entered the mall via JC Penney. I like coming in that way because I can never remember where the stores are. For example, I know that Suncoast is on the second floor, but not whether it's on the Sears end or the Hecht's end. (I think it's on the Hecht's end, but that I was there less than 24 hours ago and still can't say for sure demonstrates that this is a legitimate problem, and not something I made up to add flair to an otherwise uninteresting journal entry.) JC Penney is smack-dab in the center of the mall, so it's a good place for forgetful people like me to enter.

As I worked my way through the store to the mall entrance, my coat still zipped and buttoned, my gloves still on, I came upon a display that had not been there the last time I was there, two weeks ago: swimsuits! That's just mean, selling swimwear on the coldest night of the year.

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