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Advent 2007: December Afternoon

Grant Wood (1891 – 1942)
December Afternoon, 1941
lithograph on paper
Grant Wood, December Afternoon
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Today's work of art comes from Iowa, where I lived for three years while at college. I love Iowa. I totally would have stayed in the Cedar Rapids area if the Bush Recession hadn't hit it so hard. Alas.

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is a good museum, but not a great one, although it does have an outstanding collection of work by Grant Wood, who lived his whole life in or near Cedar Rapids. Wood is world famous for having painted American Gothic, though I suspect that some of the people reading this may know him best from his name having been mentioned in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, this Grant Wood lithograph is not, strictly speaking, a Christmas-related work of art. The problem -- and Iowa is not the only state that presented me with this problem -- is that the art museums in Iowa have not done a very good job putting their collections online. The CRMA is the best of the bunch, and even they let me down by failing to provide images of adequate size for my purposes. (Full disclosure: this image comes from the web site of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The copy on the CRMA website was too small, and you know, the whole point of a lithograph is that one copy is pretty much the same as every other copy.) This was the closest I could find to Christmas-themed art from an Iowa museum. But hey, Christmas is in December, right? So, close enough.

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