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Missing the point

So let's say you're a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia and you need to obtain a copy of your driving record. No problem, sayeth the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles web site; that's one of twenty transactions we offer online! Great!

Hmm, says something here about a DMV PIN. I don't have one of those. Luckily, there are options available for conducting business online without a PIN. Let me just click through to see what those options are...

Good news! I can conduct this transaction without a DMV PIN using only my customer number and date of birth! But wait... I won't be able to view my record online. Well, that's not a very useful online service! Also, I can't have my records mailed to me at an address other than the one on record with the DMV. Too bad they don't have my current address...

Better look into getting a PIN. Let's see... "DMV will mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to you within 3 business days of your request."

I don't think the Virginia DMV really gets this whole online transaction thing.

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