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28 January 2003 @ 03:59 pm
Mistaken identity  
Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the clueless.

SooSooHeston: Hi John Heaton.
This is Sue Heston have i got it right this time

JohnHeaton: Sue Heston. Did you IM me a while back thinking I was someone else?
JohnHeaton: Like, a couple of months ago?

SooSooHeston: Probebly not sure.

JohnHeaton: If you did have it right, who would I be? :-)

SooSooHeston: I have no idea. maybe someone in New York

JohnHeaton: I'm not in New York.

SooSooHeston: I know that you are in Collingham I hope
SooSooHeston: Hve i got it wrong again

JohnHeaton: Collingham, as in England? Sorry. Washington, DC, USA.

SooSooHeston: Sorry I have got it wrong again please accept my appologies

JohnHeaton: No problem. Take care.

SooSooHeston: Bye
As I alluded to early on, this is not the first time this person has IM'ed me thinking I was someone else. So my question is, why didn't she take me out of her buddy list the first time?
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