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Advent 2007: Greetings Card

Henry Stacy Marks (1829–1898), printed and published by Marcus Ward & Co.
Greetings Card, late 19th century
Chromolithography on paper card
Marks, Greetings Card
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Today's work of art hails from jolly old England, where I spent three days in 1985. Three days isn't enough time to adequately explore London, by the way. I did get to go to Harrod's, and the British Museum, and St. Paul's, and probably several other interesting and educational places, though to be honest the part I remember best is getting my bag stuck in the door of an Underground train.

This is a fabulous Christmas card. One imagines the White King from Through the Looking-Glass might say of it that there's nothing like the solemn contemplation of the animals you plan to slaughter for your Christmas dinner to put you in the mood to celebrate the holiday. I suppose one could argue that this is not much different from a Thanksgiving card with a turkey on it, but in my experience Thanksgiving they usually leave up to the imagination the part about killing and eating the bird.

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