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The Buffy forum at Television Without Pity has been holding sporadic get-togethers for a little over two years now, and certain other TWoP fora have held similar gatherings in various places. But for some reason, it never seemed occur to anyone to put together a general TWoP event that was not tied to any particular forum, until last year, when a group of people in New York did just that. It was a success, and the concept has spread nationwide.

Last Saturday, I attended the second DC area TWoPcon, and it was a lot of fun. We gathered in Arlington at one of those trendy upscale pool halls that dot the Washington region. (Trendy upscale pool halls are a trend I heartily endorse, by the way. Playing pool in smoky bars is no fun, and the ability to rent tables by the hour is a great asset to mediocre pool players like me, because I needn't worry about having to wait 45 minutes to play again after getting whupped by someone with actual talent.) The turnout was about a third of what we had for the first one, which attracted more than sixty people, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in crappy pool playing.

Actually, that's not entirely fair. Silent Bob knew his way around a table; he even brought his own cue. (He claims it was actually his dad's cue, but still.) The rest of us, not so much. I did OK -- I played four games, and won two. Well, sort of.

Game One: I faced Persona in a game of eight ball. I won when he sank the eight ball early. Boo-yah!

Game Two: Persona and I joined Selannia at another table for a game of cut-throat. I started out really well, but Persona suggested to Selannia that they gang up on me, and I was eliminated in short order. And then Persona ran the table. Take that, Selannia! Interesting side note: Persona and Selannia both chose their TWoP user names by forming an anagram of their real names.

Game Three: JD shoulda been MD and I faced dc jayhawk and tarheelgirl in a game of eight ball. (I chose JD shoulda been MD as my partner because both our user names started with J.) My best game! I made a sweet bank shot and several tricky (for me) angle-ins. Go me!

Game Four: JD and I swapped partners. She and tarheelgirl won that one when dc jayhawk scratched on the eight ball. Alas!

In addition to my pool partners and opponents, I got to see several people I knew from the DC Buffycon last year, like Elishavah and Tigershark,and some others I'd met at the last DC TWoPcon, like lawtalkin'guy and corimarti, and met some people I'd never met before, like Alexandria and Barphe. I didn't spend much time chatting with any of them though. I like to shoot pool, even if I'm not that good, so I mostly just talked with the people with whom I was playing.

And we raised $189 for TWoP, which is not bad since we weren't really trying to raise money. Lawtalkin'guy set up the donation box, but we didn't hold an auction (as we did at the first DC TWoPcon) nor did anyone make any pitch to donate. People just did. Nice. $189 won't go that far to keep the site afloat, but hey, every little bit helps.

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