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Advent 2007: Madonna and Child

Romare Bearden (1911–1988)
Madonna and Child, c. 1973
Madonna and Child
Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, N.J.

There's a bit of an interesting coincidence in my featuring this work by Romare Bearden as New Jersey's representative to this year's Advent project. Back in 2004, I featured another Madonna and Child by Bearden, and my pal a2zmom said, "I love this piece. One of my favorites among the ones you/ve posted so far." Her home state? New Jersey. OK, maybe not that interesting.

My favorite trip to New Jersey was in August 2001, when I drove up to Iselin to attend a gathering of Buffy fans from the TWoP forums. I mentioned the other day that I harbor a fantasy of driving the entire length of U.S. Route 1; my trip up to Iselin served as sort of a test run for that theoretical future trip. I picked up Rt. 1 in DC and stuck with it all the way up to New Jersey, stopping every ten miles to take a picture of my surroundings. You can see my photos of the trip here.

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