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Ten random things: January 9

Ten Academy Award-nominated actors who have appeared on Law & Order:

  1. Tom Berenger (episode 10.13, "Panic")
  2. James Earl Jones (episode 4.4, "Profile")
  3. Julia Roberts (episode 9.20, "Empire")
  4. Chris Sarandon (episodes 13.9, "The Wheel," and 15.7, "Gov Love")
  5. Chris Cooper (episode 6.9, "Blood Libel")
  6. Felicity Huffman (episodes 3.6, "Helpless," and 7.14, "Working Mom")
  7. Laura Linney (episode 5.3, "Blue Bamboo")
  8. Robert Vaughn (episodes 8.9, "Burned," 8.21, "Bad Girl," and 8.24, "Monster")
  9. William H. Macy (episodes 1.6, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," and 2.17, "Sisters of Mercy)
  10. Cathy Moriarty (episode 12.3, "For Love or Money")

Something I learned while compiling this list: Tovah Feldshuh has been in a lot of episodes of Law & Order -- thirteen! Not quite a record, but I think she does have the record for most appearances as a defense attorney. (The actors with more appearances have either been law enforcement or judges.)


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