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4th and D

This morning at the corner of 4th and D St. SW:

Cabbie: Excuse me, do you know where the NASA building is?
JHeaton: Um, yeah, it's two lights that way [pointing south down 4th Street], on the left.
Cabbie: That way?
JHeaton: Mm-hm.
Cabbie: [confused] She said it was at 4th and D.
JHeaton: Yeah, well, she was wrong. It's on the other side of the Design Center.

Which it is, but maybe I should have said it was on the other side of the train tracks. I think that was implied when I said it was two lights down, so I'm not particularly worried about it, but it's kind of funny to imagine him driving in endless circles around the Design Center, looking for a building and finding only the massive stone wall that supports the elevated train tracks.

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