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Wandering through the mall this afternoon, I stopped briefly at the calendar kiosk to look at the Disney Villains 2008 Wall Calendar. Who doesn't like Disney villains? Got some great ones on the front cover -- The Queen from Snow White, Ursula, Captain Hook, Jafar. And Hades, who I wouldn't count among the classic Disney villains, but he's OK. Let's see who's on the back. Peg Leg Pete and the Big Bad Wolf, great to see the animated shorts represented. Scar and Cruella DeVil, both fabulous. Maleficent and the Dragon that she tuned into, on different pages... that's a little weird. The Cheshire Cat... wait, what? The Cheshire Cat isn't villainous in that movie. OK, he's not particularly helpful when Alice asks him where to find the White Rabbit, and the prank he plays on the Queen of Hearts almost gets Alice executed, and yeah, his actions at the trial didn't help her cause, but there was never any malicious intent. It's the Queen of Hearts who has always been portrayed as the villain from Alice in Wonderland. And even if they didn't want to use the Queen of Hearts for some reason, there are plenty of other good Disney villains -- Madame Medusa, the Horned King, Captain Gantu. Or hey, how about Chernabog? Who's more villainous than the Devil?

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