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Art on Sunday: Plate with border of grotesques

Sienese 16th Century
Plate with border of grotesques on an orange ground; in the center, Narcissus gazing at his reflection in a fountain, c. 1510/1520
Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica)
Sienese 16th Century, Plate with border of grotesques
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

I was cooking some Italian sausage earlier this evening, and had the idea that maybe there was some sausage-related art I could post. And, well, there isn't, though I admit I did a very half-assed search. So I started looking for other kinds of food, and eventually stumbled across this plate, which I rather liked the look of. So here it is. I apologize for shattering the illusions of anyone who believed I put a great amount of thought into the art I post on Sunday.

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