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Ten random things: February 13

Ten Queen Consorts of England or Great Britain:

  1. Catherine Howard (1540 – 1542)
  2. Catherine of Valois (1420 – 1422)
  3. Berengaria of Navarre (1191 – 1199)
  4. Henrietta Maria of France (1625 – 1649)
  5. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1761 – 1818)
  6. Marguerite of France (1299 – 1307)
  7. Matilda of Flanders (1066 – 1083)
  8. Caroline of Brunswick (1820 – 1821)
  9. Isabella of Valois (1396 – 1399)
  10. Mary of Teck (1910 – 1936)

This is, oddly enough, the second time in 14 months I've mentioned Mary of Teck in my journal. Allow me to quote myself:

The descendants of Alexander of Württemberg were not eligible to inherit his titles and privileges, but things worked out okay for the family in the end. Alexander's son, Francis, Duke of Teck, was not seen as a popular choice as husband by the princesses of Europe (because he couldn't inherit his father's titles), and he ended up marrying Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, who was in her thirties and was known as Fat Mary. Francis and Mary's oldest daughter, Mary of Teck, later married Prince George, Duke of York, who in 1910 was crowned King George V.

Francis was unable to inherit his father's title because Alexander had married someone of unequal status, Claudine Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde, a Hungarian countess. As you may recall, such unions are known as morganatic marriages. Probably not, though.


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