John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Ten random things: March 19

Ten crossword clues, with answers:

  • 8D: _____ remover (LINT)
  • 21D: Queue cue (NEXT)
  • 17A: Split (with) (SEVER TIES)
  • 11D: "The Good Earth" heroine (OLAN)
  • 20A: Goal for a 112-pounder (FLYWEIGHT TITLE)
  • 31A: Critical step in analysis (ACID TEST)
  • 9D: Detachable, in a way (CLIP-ON)
  • 59A: Washington landmark, with "the" (ROTUNDA)
  • 15D: Site of a pitchers' lineup? (LEMONADE STAND)
  • 1A: "Damn right!" (YOU BETCHA)

I'm using dots today instead of numbers because I didn't like the way the list numbers looked next to the clue numbers. Like you care.


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