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All these melodies

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to combine two of my interests: singing and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A girl from my church is a member of a children's chorus that has been invited to perform in a choral festival at Carnegie Hall. Each member of the chorus has to pay his or her own way, so she's been trying to raise money for the trip for a few months. A couple of church members had agreed to host fund-raising teas in their homes at which she and some of her friends and selected church members would perform. And she invited me to be one of the singers. Go me!

I was asked to prepare two numbers. For one, I chose a jazzy little arrangement of the folk hymn "Poor Wayfaring Stranger." And for the other, I pulled out my copy of the "Once More, With Feeling" script book and sang Giles's big solo number, "Standing," which just happens to be right in my range. It was well received, but people seemed to like "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" better. Nevertheless, it was fun to have the opportunity to sing a song from the Buffy musical in a venue other than my car or a Buffycon.

It may be worth mentioning here that had it been up to my sister, I never would have done this. Last year, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. As I often do, I sent her a list of three items from which she could choose a gift. (That way, I get what I want, but it's still a surprise.) The "Once More, With Feeling" script book was on that list, as was the new Michael Crichton book and the Gilmore Girls soundtrack. On Christmas morning, I received the Crichton novels and the CD. Apparently, she didn't "approve" of the script book. From this, it's easy to extrapolate that she didn't want my young friend to sing at Carnegie Hall. She's mean!

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