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Ten random things: April 16

Ten other people born on April 16:

  1. Pope Benedict XVI (1927)
  2. Tristan Tzara, Romanian poet (1896)
  3. Billy West, American voice actor (1952)
  4. Rafael Benítez, Spanish football manager (1960)
  5. Kandukuri Veeresalingam, Indian social reformer (1848)
  6. Xu Jinglei, Chinese actress (1974)
  7. Christijan Albers, Dutch Formula One driver (1979)
  8. Anne Sophie Reventlow, queen of Denmark and Norway (1693)
  9. Princess Eléonore of Belgium (2008)
  10. George Patis, Greek badminton player (1983)

Hey, check out no. 9! Never let it be said that my lists are not au courant.

Speaking of Pope Benedict, he was here in the DC area today, and according to a customer I spoke to yesterday, there were a number of Eagle Scouts, her son among them, at the White House to greet him. I told her that I should have been invited; I am, after all, an Eagle Scout myself, and I share a birthday with the pontiff. But, I pointed out to her, I was probably the least likely person to receive an invitation. Not Catholic? she asked. No, a Presbyterian, I said, but worse, a Democrat. That's the sort of thing that's just totally unforgivable in the eyes of the Bush White House.


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