John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: April 22

Ten people who took part in the Redskins Super Bowl XXII reunion held this weekend at Dulles Town Center Mall:

  1. Raleigh McKenzie (G)
  2. Donnie Warren (TE)
  3. Doug Williams (QB)
  4. Clarence Vaughn (S)
  5. Rich Milot (LB)
  6. Jeff Bostic (C)
  7. Dave Butz (DT)
  8. R.C. Thielemann (G)
  9. Neal Olkewicz (LB)
  10. Joe Jacoby (T/G)

I met a guy this weekend who had traveled from Westchester, New York -- more than 250 miles! -- to attend this event, and paid $475 to get autographs of each of the 20 players who took park in the event. A nutty thing to do, in my opinion, but fandom can drive you to do some pretty nutty things. Come to think of it, I know several people who have traveled much farther than 250 miles to meet Buffy cast members, so by comparison this guy is practically sane.


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