John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

The most trivial complaint you'll read today

I saw Made of Honor this afternoon, and man was it bad. I will, however, limit my complaints to one extremely petty issue. The female lead is an art restorer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in the scene where Patrick Dempsey's character visits her in the restoration lab, the following painting can be seen in the background:

Raphael, The Small Cowper Madonna

That's Raphael's Small Cowper Madonna -- one of my favorite paintings, and one that the Met would be proud to have in their collection. But they don't; it's owned by the National Gallery of Art. And it's not like the NGA has to farm out their restoration projects to other facilities; they have one of the finest restoration labs in the country. I'm all for featuring great works of art in major motion pictures, but they couldn't have chosen a picture that is actually owned by the Met? I've never been, but I understand they have some pretty good stuff up there.

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