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It's all connected

Last night, I sat down in the living room and watched a couple of episodes of Buffy. First up was the widely-reviled but not-unenjoyable season four episode "Where the Wild Things Are," featuring Kathryn Joosten as the misguided children's home owner Mrs. Holt. Joosten, of course, is better known for her recurring role on The West Wing as President Bartlet's secretary Mrs. Landingham.

Next was the even more widely-reviled but nevertheless very amusing season six episode "Doublemeat Palace." About halfway through the episode, I realized that it had something very unusual about it: it also featured an actress who played Mrs. Landingham on The West Wing. Kirsten Nelson, who appeared in two episodes of Buffy as the manager of the Doublemeat Palace, appeared in The West Wing as a young Mrs. Landingham in the episode "Two Cathedrals."

Then, compounding the weirdness, I watched an episode of Futurama I'd taped earlier in the week, "The Problem With Popplers," in which Leela runs around a fast food restaurant demanding that the patrons stop eating the food. There's an almost identical scene in "Doublemeat Palace." What are the odds!

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