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New Horizons in Geography

From Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz, pp. 56-8:

   When Bernie decided to get engaged to his ex-Vegas showgirl sweetheart, Daisy Doolittle, Bernie offered his apartment to me as a sublet, which he admitted was because he wasn't sure the November-December relationship would last. He packed his things and moved to Carson City.


   "Where were you when [minor plot point redacted]?"
   "Carson City is just outside of the strip. I was at a casino, the track, what difference does it make?"

Carson City is 450 miles from the strip. Also, Carson City is notable for not being just outside anything. When I visited it a few years ago, one of the most striking things about it was that it was just sitting there in the middle of the desert, surrounded on all sides by nothing whatsoever.

I'm going to cut the author a little slack, though, because later in the book she espouses a very sensible attitude toward Doctor Who, but that's another post.


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