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When I finally got home from Chicago on Tuesday night, I didn't feel like updating my journal. Then when I did feel like updating my journal, I couldn't log in, because LiveJournal was in the middle of a denial-of-service attack. But it's back now, so at long last, here it is: Return to DC!

Actually, there's not much to tell. My flight from O'Hare took off right on time, and touched down safely at Greater Rochester International Airport. GRIA is a pretty nice little airport, as I discovered during my 90 minute delay, but not particularly interesting. The most interesting thing about it was that the security was handled by a private company. At all the other airports I've been to recently, Transportation Security Administration agents handle all the security checkpoints. But at ROC, it was still being handled by a private company. Nice guys. Very thorough. That's what I get for forgetting to take off my belt.

Eventually we were allowed to board the plane, and we took off for Dulles. It was an uneventful flight, and 75 minutes later we landed in Virginia. I had a window seat, so I was able to confirm that DC had in fact received quite a lot of snow. Once in the airport, I retrieved my luggage and headed to the cab stand to get a ride to the parking garage at which I'd parked. There were a huge number of people waiting there, more than I'd ever seen waiting for cabs anywhere. (Because Dulles was the only airport to remain open during the storm, they got a lot of people who otherwise would have flown into National or Baltimore-Washington International.) At long last I got a cab, and a few minutes later I found myself at the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride lot. I was almost home!

Except not. I had parked on the fourth level of the garage. The uncovered fourth level. Which, as of 6 PM on Tuesday night, had not been plowed. Uh oh.

I trudged through the snow to the car and started it up. I made a couple attempts to power my way through the snow, but to no avail. Crap.

I found a pay phone on the ground level, called a taxi company, and was immediately placed on hold. Fun! Also, cold. And then the most amazing thing happened: a cab pulled into the lot. Until I took one there myself, I had never seen a cab there. And yet here one was, just when I wanted one. He was there to pick someone else up, but I was the only person there, so he got me instead. And lucky for him! A fare from Herndon to Leesburg is not inexpensive.

So for the last four days I've had no car. No big deal; the commuter bus stop is only a mile away, so I've been hoofing it. I have a matching pair of blisters on my heels, but otherwise it's worked out well. The good news is that the rain yesterday and today has melted the snow at Herndon-Monroe to a sufficient degree to allow me to rescue my car. Now it's just a matter of waiting for my brother to take me there to get it. Yay!

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