John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: June 16

Ten DirecTV channels I have on more frequently than most others:

  1. Starz (ch. 520)
  2. HBO (ch. 501)
  3. Food Network (ch. 231)
  4. USA (ch. 242)
  5. Sci-Fi (ch. 244)
  6. BBC America (ch. 264)
  7. TNT (ch. 245)
  8. Turner Classic Movies (ch. 256)
  9. XM Pops (ch. 866)
  10. TBS (ch. 247)
  11. Comedy Central (ch. 249)

I was going to say this was a list of channels I watch most often, but I couldn't ignore that the TV is often tuned to XM Pops, which is not so much something you watch. I like to listen to music when I'm in the kitchen, you know?


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