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Ten random things: June 18

Ten others bridges that collapsed:

  1. Enfield-Suffield Covered Bridge, 1900 (flood)
  2. Schoharie Creek Thruway Bridge, 1987 (foundation erosion)
  3. West Gate Bridge, 1970 (structural failure)
  4. Can Tho Bridge, 2007 (under investigation)
  5. Tay Rail Bridge, 1897 (high winds)
  6. Chesapeake City Bridge, 1942 (struck by tanker)
  7. King Street Bridge, 1962 (brittle fracture)
  8. Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 1940 (wind-induced mechanical resonance)
  9. Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge, 1977 (struck by tanker)
  10. Arkansas River I-40 Bridge, 2002 (struck by barge)

No doubt many of you have seen the famous film of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, but just in case, here it is, with helpful narration:


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