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Ten random things: June 23

Ten descriptions of Doctor Who episodes from the DirecTV program guide:

  1. Two mighty armies wage war across the Earth; terror emerges from beneath Torchwood Tower; the Doctor faces a dilemma.
  2. After the Earth has been conquered and the Doctor is held prisoner, Martha Jones must try to save the world.
  3. Rose battles the murderous Ood; the Doctor must make a sacrifice in order to save the universe.
  4. Rose discovers that her father is still alive on a parallel Earth.
  5. The human race rejoices as ghosts of loved ones return home; an invasion force threatens modern day Earth.
  6. Rumors of monsters on the streets surround the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  7. Rose is trapped in the orbit of a black hole; something trapped beneath the planet's surface begins to awaken.
  8. The Doctor, Rose and Mickey must attack the Cyberfactory to save the population.
  9. When people start to disappear, a young woman finds cryptic messages bleeding through from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor.
  10. The Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics in 2012; a mother hides her daughter's unearthly powers.

I like how they avoided saying which mighty armies were waging war in their description of "Doomsday." A vague program description is the friend of every unspoiled viewer. On the other hand, "The Doctor faces a dilemma" is probably a little too vague; that describes approximately every Doctor Who episode ever made.


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