John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: July 1

Ten first episodes:

  1. "Target: London" (Q.E.D.)
  2. "Dancing to the Max" (Saved by the Bell)
  3. "Hi Diddle Riddle" (Batman)
  4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Mad Men)
  5. "An Unearthly Child" (Doctor Who)
  6. "Prescription for Death" (Law & Order)
  7. "You Can't Miss the Bear" (Weeds)
  8. "The Sick Boy and the Sitter" (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
  9. "The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub" (I Love Lucy)
  10. "Meet the Bunkers" (All in the Family)

I watched no. 6 last night... it's kind of amazing how little Law & Order has changed in the eighteen years it's been on the air.


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