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Ten random things: July 11

Ten fictional hired killers:

  1. Donovan Wentworth (Walker, Texas Ranger episode "Special Witness")
  2. Martin Q. Blank (Grosse Point Blank)
  3. Frank Falenczyk You Kill Me)
  4. Tommy Monaghan (Hitman comic book)
  5. Agent 47 (Hitman video game series)
  6. Reborn (Katekyō Hitman Reborn! comics serial)
  7. John Paul Keller (novels and short stories by Lawrence Block)
  8. Vanessa Brewer (Angel episode "Blind Date")
  9. Liam Conners (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Ghost")
  10. Quarry (novels and short stories by Max Allan Collins)

Killer no. 7 is the subject of the book I'm currently reading, Lawrence Block's Hit and Run, which is, I think, the first wholly original novel featuring Keller. He's appeared in three previous novels, Hit Man, Hit List, and Hit Parade, but all three incorporated short stories that had originally appeared in various magazines and anthologies. (Though I'm pretty sure the stories that were incorporated into Hit Parade had been written with the understanding that they'd eventually be used in the novel.)


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