John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Thirty, that's right, thirty random things: July 18

Thirty planets mentioned in Doctor Who episodes:

  1. Arcadia ("Doomsday")
  2. Logopolis ("Logopolis")
  3. Wilson 1 ("Mindwarp")
  4. Griophos ("Paradise Towers")
  5. Ribos ("The Ribos Operation")
  6. Bessan ("School Reunion")
  7. Morestra ("Planet of Evil")
  8. Xeros ("The Space Museum")
  9. Hakol ("The Awakening")
  10. Segonax ("The Greatest Show in the Galaxy")
  11. Centauri Seven ("Time and the Rani")
  12. Navaros ("Delta and the Bannermen"
  13. Yegros Alpha ("The Leisure Hive")
  14. Inter Major ("Carnival of Monsters")
  15. Tythonus ("The Creature from the Pit")
  16. Discurus ("The Pirate Planet")
  17. Oseidon ("The Android Invasion")
  18. Zeos ("The Armageddon Factor")
  19. Jahoo ("The Stolen Earth")
  20. Usurius ("The Sun Makers")
  21. Eden ("Nightmare of Eden")
  22. Poosh ("Midnight")
  23. Koorharn ("42")
  24. Vardon ("Time-Flight")
  25. Florana ("Invasion of the Dinosaurs")
  26. Quinnis ("The Edge of Destruction")
  27. Aneth ("The Horns of Nimon")
  28. The Library ("Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead")
  29. Woman Wept ("Boom Town")
  30. Galsec Seven ("The Sontaran Experiment")

I neglected to post lists Wednesday and Thursday, so here we go with a massive catch-up list. Whee!


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