John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: July 23

Ten people from Madison County, Illinois:

  1. Tom Jager (Olympic swimmer; from Collinsville)
  2. Johnny Wyrostek (baseball outfielder; Fairmont City)
  3. Hedy Burress (actress; Edwardsville)
  4. Clint Walker (actor; Hartford)
  5. Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter; Alton)
  6. Paul Simon (U.S. Senator; Eugene)
  7. Ann Marie (ecdysiast; Wood River)
  8. Brent Hawkins (football defensive end; Godfrey)
  9. Mark Voight (NASCAR driver; Marine)
  10. Harry Gallatin (basketball center; Roxana)

Also from Roxana: my college pal Mike Howland. We played many a game of cribbage during the two years we lived in the same dorm. Wonder what he's up to these days?


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