John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: July 24

Ten important events in the life of Galileo Galilei:

  1. Galileo is born in Pisa, 1564
  2. Virginia Galilei, Galileo's oldest daughter, born in Padua, 1600
  3. Galileo's sister Virginia dies, 1623
  4. Galileo begins teaching at the University of Padua, 1592
  5. Marina Gamba, the mother of Galileo's three children, dies, 1619
  6. Galileo dies in Arcetri, 1642
  7. Galileo abandons his studies at the University of Pisa without a degree, 1585
  8. Galileo discovers the moons of Jupiter, 1610
  9. The Holy Office of the Inquisition tries Galileo for heresy, 1633
  10. Dutch publisher Louis Elzevir publishes Galileo's Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences in Leiden, Holland, 1638

Just finished Dava Sobel's Galileo's Daughter, a slightly misleadingly named biography of the man Einstein called "the father of modern science." To be sure, Galileo's daughter Virginia, later known as Suor Maria Celeste, is part of the story, but it's really more about her father. Good book, though not quite as good as her previous work, Longitude.


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