John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: August 18

Ten countries whose total medal count in all Olympics Games is less than that of Michael Phelps this year, and that end in the letter A:

  1. Bermuda (20 Games, 1 medal)
  2. Syria (11 Games, 3 medals)
  3. Sri Lanka (15 Games, 2 medals)
  4. Panama (12 Games, 2 medals)
  5. Moldova (8 Games, 4 medals)
  6. Tunisia (12 Games, 7 medals)
  7. Malaysia (13 Games, 4 medals)
  8. Costa Rica (18 Games, 4 medals)
  9. Tonga (6 Games, 1 medal)
  10. Uganda (13 Games, 6 medals)

At first this was going to be nothing more than another Michael Phelps-related list, but when I noted that six of the countries I'd chosen ended in A, I figured I'd just go whole-hog. Luckily, many countries end in A. The medal count is current through the time of posting this morning.


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