John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: August 20

Ten Olympians who later entered politics:

  1. Sebastian Coe (United Kingdom, Athletics-800m and 1500m, 1980-84; Member of Parliament)
  2. Chi Cheng (Taiwan, Athletics-80m hurdles, 1968; Member of the Legislative Yuan)
  3. Aggrey Awori (Uganda, Athletics-110m hurdles, 1960-64; Member of Parliament)
  4. Otto Jelinek (Canada, Figure Skating-Pairs, 1960; Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister)
  5. Josy Barthel (Luxembourg, Athletics-1500m, 1952-56; Cabinet Minister)
  6. Linda Medalen (Norway, Soccer-Women, 1996; Asker Municipality Council)
  7. Tom McMillen (United States, Basketball-Men, 1972; U.S. House of Representatives)
  8. Liese Prokop (Austria, Athletics-Pentathlon, 1968; Minister of the Interior)
  9. Ruth Fuchs (East Germany, Athletics-Javelin, 1972-76; Minister of Parliament)
  10. Dick Quax (New Zealand, Athletics-5000m, 1976; Manukau City Council)

Of these ten athletes, eight won medals (Jelinek finished fourth, and Awori didn't reach the final), though McMillen (like all the other members of the 1972 USA basketball team) refused to accept his medal following the controversial final game.


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